Coaster of the Month

All the coaster guides are being changed to eliminate the minor variations that are confusing to a lot of collectors.
Examples are thickness, color, corners, hand stamps, minor size and paper variations. These coasters will be deleted
from the guides and comments will be used to indicate variations exist. Codes hopefully will not be reused to
avoid confusion in everyone's trade and want lists, but we might accidentally re-use one in the future.
Last Revision: 05/28/2008


Alabama 3A
Barretts 1B
Birmingham 5, 6 & 7
Port City 4


Alaskan 17A
Glacier 2


Copper Canyon 1A
Cougan's 1A
Gentle Ben 1A
Hops 7, 8B
Mill Ave 1,2,3
Murphy 6,7,8,9
Pinnacle 1,2
Prescott 2
Uptown 2A,


Ozark 3
Vino's 2,3,4


ANCR-1A, 2, 3A, 4A, 16A, 18A, 12A (Anchor)
ANGL-2A (Angel City)
ANDV-2A (Anderson Valley)
AGLE-4A (Angeles Brewing / Rhino Chasers)
BJS-4 (Bjs)
BYHK-2 (Bayhawk)
BREP-2 (Bear Republic)
BISN-1A (Bison)
BKDM-2A (Black Diamond)
BTLR-2 & 2A (Bootleggers)
BSKI-11 (Brewski)
CCST-2 (Central Coast)
CRSN-1A (Coast Range)
ELTO-2 & 3 (El Toro)
FIRS-3A & 6A (Firestone)
GDPC-5 (Golden Pacific)
GBSH-4A, 4B, 6A, 7C, 18A (Gordon Biersch)
HUMB-6 (Humboldt)


HUNT-2 (Huntington)
LOSG-3, 4, 5 (Los Gatos)
KSTS-1A (Karl Strauss)
LAGU-2, 5 (Laguna Beach)
LJOL-3 (La Jolla)
MADR-3, 3A, 6A (Mad River)
MARI-2A, 5A, 14A (Marin)
MEND-15 (Mendocino)
MORO-2 (Morro Bay)
MTSH-5 (Mt St Helena)
MOYL-5 (Moylans)
MURF-2 (Murphy's Creek)
NPBH-1A (Newport Beach)
NCST-4A (North Coast)
OJAI-1A (Ojai)
PIZA-2A, 6A, 7A (Pizza Port)
POTR-2 (Potrero)
PCST-1A (Pacific Coast)
PTRB-1A (Peter B's)


SACR-1A, 4 (Sacramento)
SDIE-2A (San Diego)
SFRA-2, 3A, 5A, 6A (San Francisco)
SCRU-1A, 5 (Santa Cruz)
SEAB-1 (Seabright)
SHIE-2 (Shields)
SNEV-6, 8, 9, 10 (Sierra Nevada)
SLOB-4A (Slo)
SNOW-6A (Snowshoe)
SONO-4A, 4C, 7 (Sonoma)
STON-2A, 4A, 13 (Stone)
STST-4A (St. Stans)
SUDW-2A, 5A (Sudwerk)
SUTT-2 (Sutter)
TBER-2 & 5 (Thirsty Bear)
TSTA-2A (3rd Street)
TIED-3A & 6 (Tied House)
TROC-22 (Triple Rock)
TANK-2 & 5 (20 Tank)
VALY-1A (Valley)


AVRY-1A Avery
BALY-1A Back Alley
BREC-3, 5, 7A Breckenridge
BRIS-2B Bristol
CARV-2, 5A Carver
COOP-3A, 6 Coopersmiths
FDOG-11A Flying Dog
GDIV-4A Great Divide
HCBR-4A, 4B, 5 HC Berger
JUDG-2,3 Judge Baldwins
NBEL-4, 9D A Fine Days Catch,
11A Ageless Delight,
12A Windensemble,
64A, 65A, 66A & 67A New Belgium
OASI-4A Oasis
ODEL-2, 6, 11 Odells
PHNT-2A Phantom Canyon
RBTM-19A, 19B, 20, 21, 22, 17A, 18A,
20A, 22A, 7A, 9A Rock Bottom
ROCK-10, 18A, 19A Rockies
TABE-3 Tabernash
TELL-2A Telluride
WALN-1A, 1B, 3A, 3B, 4, 7, 11A, 12A,
13A Walnut


Connecticut Brewing 3,4
Cottrell 2


Dogfish 2A

Distric of Columbia

No Coasters Deleted


Charlie & Jakes 3, 4A
Hard Rock 1A, 2A, 3A
Hops 1A,
McGuire's Irish Pub 1A, 2, 3, 6A,
Sarasota 1A, 4
Tampa Bay 3
Winter Park 2


Atlanta Beer Garten 1B
Dogwood 1A & 2


SKT-1A (Sharktooth)


BrewWorks 1A
Coeur d'Alene 2A, 4
McCall Brewing 2,  
Table Rock 4A, 5A


American Brewing Co 1A, 1B, 2A, 3A, 3B
Berghoff 2A, 6A
Blue Cat 1A
Box Office 2
Flatlanders 2A
Goose 4A
Millrose 2
O'Grady 1A
Pavichevich 4
Siebens 2
Slope Side 2, 3


No Coasters Deleted


Cedar Brewing 1A
Millstream 2A
Saints 1A


Blind Tiger 1A, 1B
Pony Express 3A


Bluegrass 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 11A
Oldenberg 3A
Wiedemann 9 (Moved to Evansville Brewing IN)


Abita 7A, 8
Capital City 1A
Crescent City 2, 2A, 3, 4A


Gritty 7B
Sea Dog 2B
Shipyard 3A
Sunday River 1A


Baltimore Brewing 4, 9A
Brewers Alley 2A
Fordham 1A, 4A
White Marsh 2A
Wild Goose 5A


Berkshire 1A
Cambridge 2A, 2C
Mass Bay 6A
Ipswich 1A, 1B
Lowell Brewing/Mill City 2A, 4
Northhapmton 3A, 3B
Old Harbor 1A, 1B
Watch City 2A, 2B


Atwater 2
Bonfire Bistro & Brewery 1A, 1B
Grand Rapids 3A
Great Baraboo 2
Grizzly Peak 1A
Jasper Ridge 1A
Kalamazoo (Bells) 1A
Michigan Brewing 2A
North Peak 2A
Old Penisula 1B, 3A, 3B


CLUB-1A Clubhaus
FITG-8A Fitgers
GLAC-2 Glacial Lakes
STOR-NOR-1A Stroh's
SUM-3A & 4A Summit


No Coasters Deleted


Belt 1A
Boulevard 3, 2A
Flat Branch 2, 4A
McCoy 1A
Mill Creek 2
St Louis 4, 9A, 9B, 9C
Trailhead 2A


Bitter Root 2A
Great Northern 4A
H&H Brewing/Red Lodge 1A
Spanish Peaks 1A & 1B


Crane River 3A
Jaipur Restaurant 2A, 3A
Jones Street 2, 5
Upstream 1A, 2A


Blue Diamond 3A
Brew Brothers 2A
Great Basin 3A, 3B & 3C
Holy Cow 3B
Lake Tahoe 2, 3A, 5A
Tahoe Mountain 1A

New Hampshire

Portsmouth 1B

 New Jersey

Clements 3A
Harvest Moon 2, 2A, 2B, 3A
JJ Bitting 1A, 1B, 2B

New Mexico

Blue Corn 1A
Il Vicino 1A

New York

BRIK-1A (Brick House)
BLUP-1A (Blue Point)
BLKF-1A (Black Forest)
BOOT-2A (Bootleggers)
BROK-3A, 15, 30A (Brooklyn)
BPUB-1A (Buffalo Brewpub)
BUFF-5 (Buffalo)
ELLI-1A (Ellicotteville)
EMPI-17 & 17A
HART-4 (Heartland)
ITHA-1A (Ithaca)
LPLC-1A & 5 (Lake Placid)
MARK-2A (Market Street)
LIJR-2, 4, 5B (Long Island)
RIVR-2 (Riverosa)
ROHR-3 (Rohrbach)
TROY-1A, 5 (Troy)
WAGN-1A (Wagner)
ZIPC-3 (Zip City)

North Carolina

North Dakota

No Coasters Deleted


Barell House 2
Columbus Brewing 2A
Main Street 2


Bricktown 2


Full Sail 6B, 9, 14A, 29A
Lucky Labrador 1, 1A, 3A, 5A
McMenamin's 8A
Portland 20, 21
Rogue 5A, 7
Spencer 1A
Standing Stone 1A
Widmer 5A, 6, 7, 9A


Gib 5A, 7A
Mtcbn 3A
Otto 1A
Red 1A, 2A
Tun 2
Val 2A
Indph 10 deleted-same as 7

Rhode Island

Coddington 1A
Union Station 1A

South Carolina

Downtown 2
Hilton Head 2, 3

South Dakota

Firehouse 3, 4


Bohannon 3


BIT-2, 4A (Bitter End)
BRA-1A, 1B (Brazos)
CEL-3A (Celis)
HILL-1A (Hill Country)
JAX-1A (Jaxons)
MAI-1A, 3 (Main Street)
MOO-2 (Moon Over Water)
STAR-2A (St. Arnold)
SAL-2A (Salado Creek)
TST-4 (The Strand)
DAL-2A (Texas / Dallas)
TWO-3A (Two Rows)
WAT-1A, 3, 2A (Waterloo)
YEG-2 (Yegua Creek)


Moab 1A
Red Rock 2
Roosters 3A
Uinta 2, 4A


Catamount 1E, 1F
Madison 2
Magic Hat 6A
Otter Creek 1A
Shed 1A


Blue Ridge 2
Richbrau 5A


Big Time 8A
Elliot Bay 1A, 2,3,4,5,6
Elysian 1A, 2A
Fort Spokane 1A, 3, 5
Hales 9, 18
Harmon 1A, 1B
Kemper 2A
Olympia 31A, 38, 39A
Pike Place 2A, 2B
Powerhouse 2
Red Hook 7, 13, 14, 18, 22A
Roslyn 2A
Silver City 3,4
Smith & Reilly 2A
Snipes Mountain 2A
Snoqualmie Falls 2A
Winthrop 2
Yakima 4

West Virgina

Cardinal 2
West Virginia 5


APPL-2 (Appleton/Adler Brau)
CAP-MID-9A (Capital)
CHE-4 & CHE-5 (Cherryland)
DOCP-2A (Doc Powell’s)
ENDE-2 (EndeHouse)
FOXR-1A (Fox River)
GREA-1 & GREA-12A (Great Dane)
GRUM-1A (Grumpy Troll)
NORT-2A (Northwoods)
TITL-3 (Titletown)
TWIN-2 (Twin Ports)
WAT-M-2A & WAT-M-11 (Water Street)


Medicine Bow 2
Snake River 2, 3A
Otto Brothers 4, 3A




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