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Most recent solved: Christmas Beer - 6/7/2015, Devil Dog & Pub House - 6/3/2015, An almost solved 12/28/2012 Brown Dog Brewery, Old Gold Lager solved 1/13/2013, Ace Beer 8/22/2014
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Coaster of the Month!
Submitted by Doug Henne. A combination of comments from Oliver Verring, Kevin Bracken & Jerry Welsh have determined it is definitely not from the USA nor Ghana-Africa. Overall consensus is that it is from South America, maybe Argentina.
Mystery Coasters
Ralph Mills submitted this one along with this message. ' I acquired this coaster at the recent ECBA meet in Macungie. I would submit it as a mystery coaster since I was unable to find anyone who knew of its existence or when the American Legion Post 669 printed the reverse side

Submitted by Kevin Bracken: The eBay seller said that his parents were from Reedsburg and his father remembered the coasters. They were in his mothers estate according to him.. He claims this coaster is from Reedsburg Brewery in Reedsburg WI.
Look at the diamond-shaped logo at the bottom of the coaster (6 o'clock). This is the logo for Custom Brewcrafters, Honeoye Falls, NY. If you are not familiar with Custom Brewcrafters niche in the craft brewery market, the brewery has partnered with numerous restaurants and taverns throughout western New York to create unique brews for each establishment. Note that this brand is not currently produced by the brewery. Most likely, Dave's Five Star Ale was one of the brewery's earlier recipes and was provided to the establishments that are listed on the coaster (most are located in the Buffalo area)
Dave Witman
Current Mysteries
Many years ago I purchased a collection of mats which included a couple of similar looking mats, mine were written in German and the translations were of a similar type and were hand-dated on the reverse with dates around 1904 and 1905
Andy Padmore
Solved Mysteries
Homebush Bay is Australian and situated in a hotel in Sydney
Wolfgang Graumann, Doug Henne & Craig Stichtenoth
Kenya Breweries, Limited
Kevin Bracken
Golden West Brewery in Oakland CA. They operated from 1933-1941.
Brian also received a scan of a can from the same brewery. See Bullet Can picture
Brian Silickas
From Japan
Kevin Bracken
This coaster reads 'MUNISH Non alcoholic beer for the Arabic market'. It is from Switzerland from the early '80's
Craig Stichtenoth
'King's Beer is from Italy, Birra Dormisch - Udine
Gianluca Lombardi
Piton Lager is brewed by Winwood & Leeward Brewery Ltd. of Saint Lucia
Malayan Breweries in Singapore
Lothar Drachsel
Sierra Leone, Africa
Olver Vering - Star is used in Nigeria. I am not quite sure, if it has also been used in Sierra Leone. Those coasters normally show a slightly diffent star
Kevin Bracken
Value Holdings Inc., along with Indian Brewing Corp., have signed a licensing agreement (1996) with Indian Manufacturing Ltd., the owners of the Indian Motorcycle trademark, to develop, manufacture and distribute beer. A 20 year renewable license on the rights was granted, with plans to distribute throughout Canada and the United States. Indian Brewing Corp. will receive royalty payments on a per-case basis, with sales in excess of 3 million dollars expected in 1996. Value Holdings has also signed a letter of intent to purchase Conners Brewery, who will be handling production of the Indian brew, in addition to their normal load as agents for Samuel Adams beer.
SP coaster is from the South Pacific Brewery in Papua New Guinea
Oliver Vering
The Society info appears on the reverse of a number of different coasters. They operated for a few years in the the late 50s and early 60s
Kevin Bracken
Bash Bock & Bill's Wicked Bitter, on the website In addition to the Bill's Wicked Bitter and Bash Bock coasters, there are others in the set including Perl Pilsner, Gnu Golden Lager, Samba Stout, Linux Lager, Apache Ale and White Camel Pale Ale. The company that produced these coasters is a computer software company, and it is my theory that they produced these for (or from) a training session, and hence are not connected to any real beer or brewery
The coaster is from the Bennett Brewing Company of Newfoundland Canada. It dates from the 60`s or possibly earlier. Bennett was in operation from 1918 to 1977. Carling O`Keefe purchased the plant in 1962. It was closed in 1977 and operations were transferred to Molson in 1977 when Molson and Carling merged. Mike Hearn confirmed his information by finding a label that matched the coaster
The coaster is from the Siebel Brewing Institute in Chicago, IL
Chris Levesque
Star is from Nigerian Breweries, Nigeria (no explicit city; they brew the beer in different breweries)
Oliver Vering
When I lived in Northern Illinois 30 years ago I had an Old Gold lager cardboard sign that I was told from Reedsburg. Sold it long ago. Ray Ojala's book "20 years of American beers-the 30's & 40's list brands and Reedsburg was one of several breweries that made Old Gold. I think that one is pretty certain given the seller's comments and Ray's book published long ago. Regards, Larry Moter 01/13/2013
Submited by Wolfgang Graumann
The Whale Beer coaster was made by the Reuter Beer Company that contracted bottled beer from the Jones Brewing Co for various restaurants or other businesses, usually in Virginia.A companion beer label exists. They created a few other "coasters" most of which did not look like a coaster and probably no one would collect them as a coaster
George Akin
Possible lead submitted by Brian Cooley didn't work out but really looked good at first. Brown Dog Brewery
ACE Coaster was submitted by Oliver Vering in January 2014
"A couple of years ago I got this coaster (probably made in the 30s/40s) and was told, that it was from Zimbabwe. But I never found any Information about this brand design"

A couple of possbilities submitted by Peter Sedlak: El Salvador Beer Coasters or
Iowa Sioux City Brewery

Frank Mrazik also though it was from Iowa Sioux Brewery and sent it this label

Oliver solved his own mystery, it is from Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), here is a label to match the coaster
Submited by Oliver Vering. Oliver did some research via Google and found a web page of the Hurlbut family, mentioning, that one was a brewer, who now also has his own beer "Hurlbut Beer" brewed in Russia; but the coaster cardboard definitely looks like an 80s/90s US coaster.

The Hurlbut" mat is from Russia. It's a microbrewery from Togliatti, city in Samara Oblast. Few years ago they have changed the logo, so now if you visit their web site it will be not the same as on mat.

Info provided by Roman Solovyev 1/16/2015
Submited by Oliver Vering
Submitted by Tim Muller December 2014

Brasserie de l'Union in Jumet (Belgium), closed in 2007.
Wolfgang Graumann 6/7/2015
This is for coffee, not beer - Wolfgang Graumann
This is for a seafood company, not beer - Wolfgang Graumann
Submited by Larry Handy, 4 inches, both sides the same, recent coaster (8/2015), thin.

Larry found the answer while visiting Barren Hill Brewpub, in the Philly suburbs. Next door is Brittingham's Irish Bar - below is their logo