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New Collector Special - Click for Details

New Collector Special - Click for Details Image

Please do not purchase this Special Offering by using the 'Add to Cart' or 'Check-Out' option. Go to the Shop Home page and send me an email by clicking the 'Contact Me' coaster. Let me know how many you would like and indicate if you want micros or national brands (Coors, Bud or Millers) or a combination of everything. You will receive a reply within a few hours.

The price is subject to change based on who will provide you the coasters and how many you are requesting.

This special deal is being offered by various 'veteran collectors' to help new collectors get started in the coaster collecting hobby.

This is for
New Collectors only or collectors who are expanding their collection into other areas. These are not to be re-sold at shows or on eBay, nor is it to increase your trading stock.

There is no list to chose from, it is whatever is available at the time by one of the 'veteran collectors'. The coasters shown
are not the ones for sale but are a representation of the type of coasters in this special sale.

Minimum purchase is 100 coasters but you can add more in any increments.

Please use the 'Contact Me' on the Shop Home page to find out how to purchase this special offering

Your Price:$10.00